My Joy Tour

Tang Shizen, a famous Chinese photographer of Xinhua Agency with the nickname of the Chinese Donald Duck, once said “reading thousands of volumes of books is no better than travelling thousands of miles; travelling thousands of miles is no better than knowing numerous people.” In this autumn, I visited some of the cities that my on-line friends were living in. The golden autumn, fresh autumn breeze, hospitable friends…all of these made me fascinated. It was such a terrific travelling experience.

The first stop Hefei “seeking long hair girl” was so enthusiastic

  Sonnyny&Mrs YuI had an on-line friend called “seeking long hair girl”. This September I received an E-mail from him, knowing he was very obsessed with long hair and his wife also had a cascade of beautiful long hair. He wanted to be a friend with me. So I called him. His real name was Yuming, a member of the Chinese Costume Association and the secretary-general of Anhui Costume Association. Yu also was a professional photographer and a member of Chinese Music Association. Not very long after I called him, he came to Chuzhou in person. He met my family and me in my house and we had a very happy conversation. We talked about art, music, costume and of course my long hair. Yu also took many pictures of me. I really like them. As soon as I put them on my website, they won the approval of many of my on-line friends. Before departing, Yu invited me to go to Hefei with him to watch the final of the 2004 CCTV Model Contest (the east China part). I accepted his invitatiSonnyny&Mrs Wangon readily. What was unexpected to me was that amongst his many other jobs, Yu could find time to make such a detailed schedule for me. During those days, I lived in his house and his wife even took several days off in order to accompany me. Mrs Yu also was a warm-hearted person. She looked so young, so attractive, and I was especially impressed by the natural beauty of her pitch dark long hair. I felt so grateful for the kindness of the young couple. I went to see the contest with Mrs Yu, and at our point of advantage, I could fully enjoy the performance. The dazzling beauty of the models on stage and the colorful costumes were real visual feast to my eyes. It awed me that six of the eight judges were Mr Yu’s college students. The judges included: Wang Xinyuan, the leading costume designer in China, the director of China’s Costume Designers Association, the visting professor of TsingHua University, Suzhou University and etc., and the dirctor of Firs Group; Zhao Weiguo, a famous professor and also a member of the Chinese Costume Designers’ Association; Zhang Chaode, a professor; Wang Xue; Yaofeng, the leading designer of Dupont Lycra; and Li Shu, the runner-up of 2003 CCTSonnyny&Mrs LiV Model Contest. However, the thing exciting me most was that I saw Mao Geping. I could never imagine that I could meet Mao Geping himself in such an occasion! Mao was a top make-up designer in China. Since 1984 when he first took the job, he acted as designer for more than 40 films and soap operas and more than 20 dramas. The 1994 TV hit Wu Zetian (a drama about the first emporess in Chinese history) made Mao Geping a celebrity in his circle because of his magic hand and mastery in make-up. Later on he worked as make-up designers for some other hot soap dramas, and his outstanding ability in makeups won him more credit home and aboard. He scooped several important awards for his hard work, such as feitian best make-up (an important award in drama). I remembered very well once I saw him as a guest in a pop star’s new album release conference. The hostess interviewed him, his easy manner, confidence, and especially his smart remarks impressed me so much that I could not help wondering that when I could have the honor to have him do the make-up for me? Nothing was impossible. I could see Mao Geping in Hefei, and among so many other celebrities! Mr Yu introduced me and my long hair to everyone present. They expressed their appreciation of my long hair and my strenuous effort to take care of it. They encouraged me to pursue my interest and dream. Mao Geping said a lot about my hair and gave me some valuable advice concerning my makeup. In the process what impressed me most was his easiness, kindness and frankness. He was not a bit like those egoistic so-called pop stars. Yu’s love and obsession weSonnyny&Mrs Wang&Mrs Zaore beyong imagination. He not only photographed for a lot of long hair girls but was keen on seizing any opportunity to promote this course. My stay in Hefei made him busier. As a judge of the contest he has many job to do but still he managed to arrange a lot of activities for me. He called Mr Zhang, an editor in Hefei Business Newspaper that he had a long hair girl to introduce to him, and the girl’s hair was as long as two metres. He also said that since my screen presence was good it was suitable for me to be on the front page of the edition of this newspaper. Mr Zhang was a busy man. Knowing that I would leave Hefei the very next day, he invited me to go to his office immediately and arranged everything for me. SSonnyny&Miss Shuince Mr Yu was occupied that afternoon, he asked his wife to accompany me. In Zhang’s office, Mr Zhang and everyone present showed their surprise to my long hair and asked me how I could do that which to them seemed impossible. I have a happy conversation with Mr Zhang and Zhang decided to leave everything behind to take a batch of feature photographs in that afternoon. The location to take pictures was decided in Baohe Park. It was really a suitable place for taking pictures. The delicate bridges, the flowing river, the zigzag path, and exuberant plants, all you can there see was beauty. Wherever we were, a crowd of people would be drawn towards us, showing their amazement to my long beautiful hair. I felt so elated and proud. I worked very hard to show its beauty to its full and tried to get the perfect pictures. The night fell and we had to stop. Mr Zhang said to me with satisfaction that my presence on screen was pretty good and they would publish these photos in the paper very quickly. The stop in Hefei filled me with both joy and excitement. Seeking long-hair girl was too warm-hearted. So was his wife-Mrs Zhu, so kind, so nice. All of these moved me so. I felt very grateful to them.

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 Beijing Reunion

 Long-hair fairies met in Zhenhai city

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