Dedication to the longhair business ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ 

  • Dedicated to promote long hair business.Interviewed many long hair girls and ladies, gathered informations about long hair. Got to know a lot of long hair lovers.
    ¡¤ Visited the home of long hair,Hongyao, exchage tips on long hair caring.

    ¡¤ Launched the first long hair personal website in China.

    ¡¤ Shoot photos and videos to display the beauty of long hair.

    ¡¤ Be specially invited to performing activities as ambassador,TV programm host,and business promotion.

    ¡¤ 2004,in the Zhencheng international Long Hair Festival,won wide acceptence and high rank

  • In the autumn of 2004, Hangzhou.,Mr Mao Geping , a stylist and designer of cover model in the famous airline magazine ¡°Big View ¡°,wrote a interview of 9 pages concerning Shen Ni¡¯s career development. See for details. While publishing her tour memos on sight seeing of a few surrounding cities, she obtained a lot of praise for her beauty and beautiful handwritings. See the whole dairies from
  • In December ,2004, Top Ten News Feature on Wandong Morning Magazine
  • In February, 2005, Attendance on Opening Party for The Third Time Genius World Record Prize Ceremony at China Century Forum, Beijing. Accepted the live interview and promoted the long hair culture. no.1 beauty with superlong hair in the world. £¨llhair 117£©
  • In August ,2005, in her first film performance in a serial show ¡°Disturbance On New Born Baby¡± which focuses on long hair beauties, she acted as the main actress, Mrs Lu Yanping, a graduate of Tsinghua University
  •£¨llhair 117£©
  • In September ,2005, as Assessor and Host for Role Selection for A TV serials, Good Just Started and Long Hair No. 1 Beauty Competition organized by Jinling Daily Newspaper Group and Jiangsu Provincial Dingding Culture Promotion Co, Ltd,
  • In December ,2005, the Most Popular Prize Owner in the National Actress Selection for a 16 serials of WPS Scenic Teaching Program, which directed by Jinshan Company and Beijing Film Institute.
  • In January ,2006, Guest Prize Owner in Charming Long Hair Contest, The Telecommunication Cup, Zhenhai Development District, Ningbo.
  • On May 14,2006, 20- Minute- Feature Interview in¡± Wide View On Society¡± Program, Nanjing TV Station.£¨llhair 119£©
  • On May 15, 2006, as a guest in Broadcast Room in Nanjing Morden Instant Report Program, had one hour webcam live tallk sharing experience with net participants and answered interesting questions about long hair care.£¨llhair 120-121£©
  • I hereby have accepted hundreds of interviews by newspaper agents, TV stations and media. Thanks for your interests in long hair care and beauty. You are welcome to visit my personal blog onl
  • My long hair photo won the "Happy May 1st party" gold prize of "tell the truth" at CCTV on May 1st,2007.
  • I was the No. 1 and got "The top ten orient fairy award" when I attended the "Moshi cup" long hair competition in Ningbo in July 2007.